In Aviary, Resources can be created manually or via the Bulk Import function.

Create Resources Manually

To create resources manually, go to the "Resources" page and click the “Add Resource” button.

On the next page:

At this point, your resource has been created in Aviary. On the next page, you can associate a file(s) with that resource.

Add Media to a Resource

First, select your file import method. Aviary allows three methods to import media:

Selecting File Upload or Link Upload will upload a copy of the media to Aviary. Selecting the Embed Code method will stream the media from the embed code location.

After you have uploaded your media, you will see a list of the resource’s associated media below the “Upload and Continue” button:

In the "Uploaded Media Files" section you can:

Next, you can either click on the “Edit Description” to add or edit descriptive metadata for the resource, or click on "Save". In both cases, you will be directed to the resource detail page where you can Add Indexes and Transcripts to your resource.

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