You can create a new collection on the Collections page or through an Import (see Importing Content for more details on this method). To create a new Collection, click the “Add Collection” button.

Here you can add your collection title, description, and banner image to display on the collection’s aviary page. You can also set your collection’s visibility within the aviary ecosystem. Setting Public to “Yes” makes your collection visible and discoverable on the larger Aviary platform. “No” restricts access to logged in users from your organization (Resource metadata will still appear in search results.)  If your collection is public on the Aviary platform, setting Featured to “Yes” allows your collection to show up in Aviary’s Featured Collections lane in the Aviary Home Page.

After clicking “Save”, your new collection will appear in the collection list on the Collections page. 

If you wish to continue setting up the collection, click on the Edit button. You can read more about this option in Edit a Collection.

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