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          • Dear User,

            Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprints 69 & 70. These are available on the site as of April 5, 2021. Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

            New Features

              • Aviary now provides shareable IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) manifests for all public Resources.

                • Any public Resource will now show a IIIF Manifest link on the media player that will provide a IIIF Manifest URL for use outside of Aviary in IIIF-aware players.

                  • Users see a IIIF black and white logo: [IIIF] manifest under the existing Share option on the media player 

                • For now, only public media files and public transcripts/indexes/annotations will be included in the Manifest.

              • Aviary’s API now includes an endpoint to create new Resources.


              • For ArchivesSpace synchronizations, organization users can schedule syncs at a specified frequency.

                • A report is created for each job.

                • Emails are sent to the creator of the job upon completion, whether successful or not.

              • OHMS XML indexes in Aviary can now be exported as a basic WebVTT file for use in other systems.

                • Because of the complexity of OHMS Indexes and the simplicity of WebVTT, there will be data loss in this export. Only the following OHMS Index fields are exported:

                  • Title

                  • Start Timestamp

                  • Partial Transcript

              • We added improved restrictions to protect Aviary’s solr search interface from accidental bot failures.

              • Aviary users can include PURL and Custom Unique Identifiers in Aviary embed codes in place of the Aviary resource and media identifiers if desired.

              • Improved the handling of complex subject terms when extracted from ArchivesSpace.

              • Added Aviary’s new user interface CSS to the Aviary Public Repository.

              • Added Supplemental File counts to the Resource management table so that organization users can see how many Supplemental Files are associated with each Resource.

              • Added organizational equity to Flock landing pages so that there is a fair balance to which resources load on the landing page.

                • The Flock featured resource randomizer looks first at number of member sites, then identifies set of possible featured public resources from each site, then for the six slots tries to pick at least one resource from each site (depending on the number of sites). It then tries again to pick another from each site, until the six slots are filled.

              • Continued to improve the user interface for Aviary’s pages, including the Support and Contact Us pages.


              • Fixed a UI issue related to the search bar disappearing when the screen size was reduced to a certain width.

              • Fixed a number of CSS issues 

                • causing the chatbot and cookies notifications to disappear.

                • causing the restricted resource request access button to fail to load on Collection landing pages.

                • causing the checkboxes on the Resource management table modal to become disabled.

                • causing Collection landing pages to load only 4 rows of resource cards instead of loading all resources.

              • Fixed Trint integration so that multiple simultaneous job requests do not cause Trint to send a failure error to Aviary.

              • Fixed an issue causing closed captions to fail on the Safari v14+ browser.

              • Fixed issue causing Aviary to give an “unsupported” warning on Firefox mobile browsers.

              • Fixed Aviary mobile UI so that annotations do not sit on top of the transcript window.

Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

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