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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprints 63 and 64 These are available on the site as of January 11, 2021. Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

New Features

              • Aviary’s media player now supports adjustable playback speed.

                • Users can increase the speed or decrease the speed in relation to 1x (normal) speed, i.e,. 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x. 

              • Aviary now supports export and import of transcript annotations in a defined Aviary format.

                • Export

                  • There is a new “Text with Annotation Set” option under download transcript.

                  • A new annotation section is added to the bottom of the transcript.

                  • Includes annotation set key/value pair metadata.

                  • Includes all annotations in sequence.

                • Import

                  • User provides a text document that conforms to Aviary text transcript + annotation specifications.

                  • Transcript is created successfully.

                  • Annotation set is created (if not already present).

                  • Annotations are created.

              • Organization administrators can grant specific organization users the ability to access backend features.

                • Organization admins can edit organization users to specify permission to access backend tabs. 

                • Organizations users, when permission has been granted, can perform all functions in the tab they have been granted access to.

              • Organization administrators can configure email address recipients for access request emails.

                • New "Notifications" section in Collection->Access Policies 

                • By default all organization owners and admins receive notification emails.

                • Organization admin has the option to select specific email recipients to override the default (from list of organization users, admins, and owners).

                • Organization admin can edit or remove selected recipients and revert to default if desired.


              • All Aviary embed codes include an iframe with a responsive parent container.

              • Auto-play can be disabled for Aviary embed links.

                • The user has an option to disable auto-play when specifying a start-time in an embed URL.

                • Additionally, a stop-time can now be specified for Aviary embed URLs so that the player stops at a selected point in the timeline.

              • Improved the behavior of the transcript page when creating, editing, and deleting annotations.

              • Improved resource, collection, and playlist not-found redirect logic.

              • Transcript scrolling and navigation logic has been improved to increase load speed on transcripts that have high quantities of timecode points.

              • Organization users can delete uploaded images for site aesthetics, i.e., hero images, favicons, or card images, if they no longer desire to display them.


              • Fixed a javascript issue that caused the Annotation edit button to malfunction in the Firefox browser

              • Fixed a UI issue with the display of the Automated Metadata table, and with the quick search functionality.

              • Fixed a javascript issue with the Import queue table that caused start and undo buttons to disengage when the table size reached a certain threshold.

              • Fixed a duplication issue with Evergreen URLs.

              • Fixed the Resource Management table because it was not responding to the deletion of custom metadata fields.

Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

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