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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprints 55 and 56. These are available on the site as of September 21, 2020. Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

New Features

                • Organizations can now configure search facets to include any metadata fields (except for description - long text - fields) that they prefer.

                  • Metadata fields can be enabled or disabled as search facets.

                  • Facets can be sequenced to display in the organization’s prefered order.

                • Aviary has a public API endpoint Organization users can use to get a list of Collections owned by their organization.

                • Aviary added a fully automated integration with Trint ( for automated transcription and transcript editing.

                  • If Organizations are a Trint user (create an account with Trint), they can supply their Trint API key to Aviary in their Integrations management page.

                    • Aviary will provide a callback URL that should be provided to Trint in the Trint user’s API configuration page.

                  • Then the Organization can send media files to Trint for transcription. They will be returned to Aviary in either two scenarios, depending on the Trint user’s configuration: 1) when the transcription has completed; and/or 2) when the transcription has been edited and verified within the Trint transcript editor by the Trint user.

                • Public API documentation can be found here


                • As Aviary works to increase accessibility support, we have added a link on the bottom left corner of every page: "Are there accessibility issues with this page?” (with a link to the Aviary Contact Us form).

                • Users can now pass search queries into the resource detail search using a URL construct: keywords[]=[keyword].

                • Improved Aviary’s captcha approach on the following forms: 

                  • Login 

                  • Subscription 

                  • Join now 

                  • Contact us 

                  • Support 

                • Adjusted footers so that throughout the site they remain at the bottom of the page. 

                • Improved transcript search load performance.

                • When a transcript exists and has annotations, if a user "updates" the transcript by loading a new transcript in its place, the annotations are not deleted.

                  Old annotations show on the new transcript.

                  Added all custom metadata fields to the Resource management table.

                  • An organization can add custom metadata fields to the resource mgmt table.

                  • An organization can set custom metadata fields to be searched in the resource mgmt table.

                  • An organization can include custom metadata fields in exports of resource metadata from the resource mgmt table.

                • Organization users can give Aviary a .docx Trint transcript file and successfully import the transcript with or without speakers and with timestamps.

                • Aviary ignores the file name at the beginning of the Trint docx transcript file.

                • AirPlay and Chromecast are enabled for users when viewing Aviary media files using Aviary’s native mediaelement.js player.

                • Organization users can create Public URLs to share for resources in their organizations.

                • Improved bulk import upload performance by adding a chunk upload feature to bulk import zip file uploads.

                • Updated the table in the user level permission table so that the columns include more data, i.e., Email, Username, First Name, Last Name, and Status (Pending/Registered).

                • Updated the SSO groups field so that all available groups are displayed when a user focuses on the field.

                • Registered users can now see a list of Access Requests that they have made in their user account options.

                • Added date fields to the Resource management table.

                  There are now two columns in the Resource File table for date:

                  • Date Added - displays create date.

                  • Date Modified - displays modified date.

                • Created ability to link organizations together within an SSO group so that they share users and member-of group values.

                • Optimized download speed for users who have access to download media files directly from Aviary.

                • General enhancements to ArchivesSpace synchronizations to increase efficiency, including an option to set caption language using a new construct in WebVTT files.

                  • For AS Syncs, if WebVTT files are added to Aviary, check for an optional "language" value in the second line of the WebVTT 

                  • The construct is: language: [three-character ISO language value] (

                  • If present, the Transcript language is set to the value.

                  • If not present, use the default value for the org sync.


                • Fixed a subdomain clash when an organization’s custom domain and another organizations’ Aviary subdomain have the same prefix value.

                • Take flight account users can add a credit card and start their formal subscription by themselves without having to change to a different level of subscription

                • Applied a fix so that the sidebar opens between the header and the footer, not on top of the entire page.

                • Fixed a bug related to saving annotations when certain characters were present in the annotation target or the annotation body. Annotations can now be saved when valid UTF-8 or UTF-16 characters are selected within the transcript or included in the annotation body.

                • Fixed resource file table row heights and sync issues.

                • Fixed an issue related to selecting more than one .mov file at the same time during an upload to Aviary.

                • Fixed full screen support for an embedded Aviary resource media player.

                • Fixed resource detail page embed. If more than one media file is present, the header and footer do not appear when subsequent media files are selected.

                • When there are line breaks in OHMS XML transcripts, these do not cause the words at the end/beginning of lines to be smashed together in Aviary (e.g., "whois" instead of "who is"). 

                • Fixed error message for browser codec support. In any scenario when the browser refuses to play a media file based on its format, whether it is codec or wrapper related, Aviary will present a distinct error message.

                • Fixed speaker diarization issues for transcripts when using the Aviary transcript editor.

Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

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