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On the General Settings tab, you can edit the basic collection information you entered when you created the collection through the Collections page (or add this information if you created the collection through Imports).


Description fields that have been enabled will appear in the “Description” tab of all the resources in this collection (when you have opted to make a field visible).+

Preview Section

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The Preview section changes as you edit the order and visibility of fields to show you how resource metadata will display in aviary.

Adding Custom Fields

You can add custom metadata fields to your resources with the “Add Custom Fields” button. You will need to select the data type (either “dropdown,” “date,” “text,” “tokens,” or  “editor”) and add help text for any member users who will be creating resources. You can also specify if the field is required, repeatable, and visible on the website.


Configure Access Requests

ClickIf you select the "Enable click-through functionality requires users for access requests to private resources in this collection" box on this tab, users will be required to agree to collection access conditions before they are able to submit an access request to view private resources in the collection. Once this functionality is enabled, when a registered user requests access to a private resource in a collection, they will be shown a check box that asks them to agree to the access conditions assigned to this collection before they are allowed to submit the request. For this function to be fully enabled, you must select the "Enable click-through functionality" check box on the Access Policies tab and then add text to the "Conditions for access" section.


Once click-through functionality is enabled, you should will also need to enter text in the "Configure Access Request Approval Email" field to configure an automated email that will be sent to users, granting them access to the collection. In addition to entering the email text, you have the option to select the "Add resource link to email" box to include a direct link back to the specific resource they want to access. You may also select the "Add resource accessible details to email" box in order to include additional access details in the email specifying whether the user has been granted ongoing access or access for a fixed period of time. See Manage Access Requests for more detailed information about approving or denying specific access requests.


Global Access Restrictions allow broader access control to collection administrators. By clicking to enable the IP white list for resources in a collection, you limit access to the collection to a defined IP address or range. Even users already assigned to a permission group at the user- or email domain-level will be restricted by their IP address when accessing items in this global access restrictions are configured for a given collection.  See Custom Permissions for more information about creating custom permission groups.