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In the Aviary "advanced" search, the following options exist:

  • Each row can be used to specify a search term, to set the target of the search for that term (e.g., Any Field, Index, Transcript, Description), and to set the matching logic (e.g., HAS, STARTS WITH, ENDS WITH, CONTAINS).
    • In each row, the search term can only be a single string with no spaces
    • To make the string a "wildcard" string, use "STARTS WITH", "ENDS WITH", or "CONTAINS" in the matching logic dropdown.
    • To make complex searches, add additional rows with new criteria.

“Found In” field

Searching for keywords will return all records that contain those keyword somewhere in the associated metadata. The keyword can appear in a variety of fields, including description or subject terms, and may also appear in the index and/or transcript.