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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprints 92-93. These are available on the site as of February 28, 2022.

New Features

                • Users can now see sprite preview thumbnail images for video files in the media player timeline when they hover over the timeline. 

                  • This feature has been implemented and we are creating the sprite images for all existing video media files over the next few weeks. After that, we will run a daily update to create sprite images for all newly imported video media files. 

                  • An example resource with sprites already created can be found for the Fortunoff Video Archive of Holocaust Testimonies:

                • Users can find supplemental file titles and descriptions when searching in Aviary site and resource detail search.

                • Organizational users can now manage supplemental files in a new  Supplemental Files management table available in the Aviary org sidebar.


                • Organizational users can now more easily manage media file metadata

                  • They can bulk import media file metadata using the Aviary Package Import and a Media CSV file

                  • They can view all media file metadata fields in the Media Files table.

                  • They can export all media file metadata fields using the Export Media Files to CSV option.

                • Users can now facet resource search by "Has Supplemental Files".

                • Organizational users can now bulk edit Transcripts to set as Caption. 

                • Enhanced user documentation on bulk imports.

                • The API was enhanced.

                  • The API documentation now includes success response examples for all GETs.

                  • GET Indexes was added.

                  • Users can GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE supplemental files via the API.


                • Fixed an issue causing incorrect search results for the default “any field” search.

                • Fixed an issue causing transcript speaker names with umlauts and other characters to display incorrectly.

                • Fixed an issue with the selection of multiple pages of media files, indexes, and transcripts by Organization users attempting bulk edit operations.

                • Fixed a bug with ArchivesSpace sync organizations running metadata-only synchronizations that was causing the duration extent statements to display incorrectly. 

                • Fixed repository and collection facets not appearing in general Aviary-wide site search.

                • Fixed a collection RSS feed 404 error.

                • Fixed an SSO authentication passthru error produced from links to resources.

                • Continued to fix a number of small issues resulting from the recent security upgrade.


                • Fixed and updated Resource Metadata Export/Import Unit Tests.

                • Established backend monitoring to help investigate future bulk import issues experienced by organizational users.

                • Refactored the Access Requests table to allow for faster response time when many access requests exist.

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