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  • Once you've added resources for import, you have the option to set visibility for each file associated with your OHMS XML. Make resources and their associated media, transcript and indexes public or private depending on your needs:

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  • Once you've selected your privacy settings, you can either create a new collection or select an existing collection in Aviary where the new resources will be created.

  • Click “Add to Queue” and you will then be redirected to the Manage Imports page, where you should see your import awaiting action. Here you can preview the resources that will be created by your import to check everything looks good to go.

  • When you’re ready to import, click “Start Import” to start your import. This may take quite a while, but the import will run in the background, so it’s okay to move freely about the site while you’re waiting.

  • If your import was successful, the status for your import on the Manage Imports page will say “Complete.” (You may have to refresh the page to see the updated status, if you haven’t navigated away after starting the import.) You should now see your imported resources on the Resources page.