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Welcome to the Fixity Pro Knowledge Base!

Here you will find the user guide, frequently asked questions, and other resources on how to get the most out of Fixity Pro.

About Fixity Pro

Fixity Pro is a desktop application for Windows and Mac that provides simple automated monitoring and reporting on the data integrity of your files that are stored on your computer, removable storage devices, and mounted network storage locations. Use Fixity Pro to schedule routine scans that will tell you if your files have been changed and if any files have been added, removed, or moved/renamed since the last scan that was performed.

Fixity Pro was created by AVP, a premiere consulting and software company with clients including the Library of Congress, Smithsonian, Paramount Pictures, Harvard University, Museum of Modern Art, and more. Fixity Pro is used by individuals, professionals, and organizations large and small throughout the world to protect the files they care most about. Find out more about AVP at

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