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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprints 94-95. These are available on the site as of March 29, 2022. Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

New Features

                • To enhance security, Aviary is requiring all users to update their passwords and all organizational users to enable two-factor authentication. For more information on Aviary two-factor authentication, see: Two-Factor Authentication. This requirement does not apply to organizational SSO users that use their institutional authentication mechanisms.

                • Users can find supplemental file text content (textual pdf files only)  when searching in Aviary site and resource detail search.

                • In order to facilitate researcher use of Aviary, all users can create a list of saved resources. Funding for this work was provided by the Fortunoff Video Archive of Holocaust Testimonies. 

                  • Resources can be saved from Aviary site search results or resource detail pages. 

                  • Resource description metadata is automatically saved.

                  • A user can add and edit a free text personal note for each saved resource.

                  • A user’s list of saved resources can be accessed from the user profile menu item titled My Resources

                  • Citation data and notes can be exported to RIS format to be used in external citation manager applications like Zotero or Endnote.

                  • Organizations can view and edit the organization-specific resource field citation export settings to meet unique descriptive requirements.

                • Organizational users can create a public access URL for a non-public playlist. This link will allow for the direct access to the playlist, all of its resources, and all of the media files, indexes, transcripts, and supplemental files connected to those resources, regardless of any existing permissions for the content and regardless of whether a user is logged into Aviary or not. It allows the Organization user to poke a temporary hole into any security layers in order to provide easy and direct access to a Resource. This is a very powerful feature, but should be used with caution.


                • Organizational users can now set a custom field as a tombstone field on search results.

                • Organizational SSO permission users can now follow a link directly to a restricted resource through login (similar to the process already existing for Aviary authentication permission users).

                • Organizational users can now bulk update media file metadata using an Import Bulk Metadata Edit CSV option.

                • Organizational users can now change the default field labels that display in search results panel hits.

                • The resource share modal window has been improved.

                • Improved the functionality of transcript timecode adjustment process. 

                • The organizational user Imports menu has been reorganized to include submenus for the New Imports and Manage Imports pages.


                • Fixed an issue with certain types of Youtube imports not producing transcripts. 

                • Fixed an issue with indexes unable to move to the next search hit highlight.

                • Fixed an issue with the resources table collection title data not appearing correctly.

                • Fixed an issue with ArchivesSpace integrations scheduled syncs incorrectly applying ArchivesSpace ids.

                • Fixed an issue that was preventing the permission group edit function from operating correctly.

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