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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprints 39, 40, & 41. These are available on the site as of January 20, 202. 

New Features

            • Organizations can get a quick report on how many resources they added per month to Aviary by hitting the following URL endpoint: https://[domain_name] Just be sure to add your specific domain name to the URL above. Only organization users can reach this endpoint.

            • Organization users can now enable resource media files to be downloaded directly from Aviary by those users who have access to the resource media file. 

              • Additionally, an organization user can designate a time period for which a media file is downloadable.

              • This feature is also available in the “Table Options--> Bulk Edit Options” in the Resources Files management table so that media files can be designated downloadable in bulk if desired.


            • A new facet allows Aviary users to filter out resources that have restrictions that make them not totally public, so that public users can find fully public resources to access if desired. The new “Access” facet includes the following values:

              • Public Resource 

              • Public Resource w/ restricted content 

              • Restricted Resource 

              • Private Resource 

            • Improved Aviary’s production database backup procedures to include daily backups and a 15-day retention policy.

            • Aviary’s sign-up screen now features greatly improved support for password creation, as well as a reduction of unnecessary data elements for users wanting to create an Aviary account.

            • Search facet labels create line-returns without breaking words.

            • First-letter capitalization is no longer enforced in search facet fields.

            • Updated Aviary Bulk Import functionality to support new Custom Unique Identifier fields, and updated all Aviary Bulk Import documentation to reflect the current Bulk Import functionality.

            • Added a new “copy” button to the Resource edit page that allows an organization user to quickly copy the URL for a resource that has a custom unique identifier stored.

            • Allow new Custom URLs to be used in embed codes for Aviary resources and media files.

            • Aviary organizations with synchronization processes enabled for integration to ASpace and Preservica can see a running log of the sync process.

            • Aviary organizations with synchronization processes enabled for integration to ASpace and Preservica now have access to all historical logs for all sync processes performed.


            • Fixed subscription issue related to payment websocket between Aviary and Stripe.

            • Updated Aviary’s OHMS XSD validation to support the newest OHMS XSD release (version 5.4).

            • Fixed a typo on the Aviary Contact Us page.

            • Fixed a bug related that was allowing public users to see a “request access” button when a resource was “public” but the parent collection was “not public”.

            • Improved multi-encoded character support for Aviary Bulk Import processes to be able to handle the presence of ASCII, UTF-8, and other encodings simultaneously.

            • Enlarged server packet sizes to improve large upload performance.

            • Update FFmpeg version on main Aviary production server.

            • Resolved an issue that did not allow resource media files to be deleted successfully.

            • Resolved an issue for ASpace synchronization that was causing Aviary resources to lose a “Digital Object ID” value when users selected “resync metadata only.”

            • Resolved a Safari browser issue that did not allow Aviary users to edit resource metadata successfully.

            • Resolved a slight UI issue between the hero and the header that was caused when organization logos were smaller than expected.

            • Resolved an issue that was not allowing resource media file names to appear in the Resource File management table.

Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

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