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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprints 32, 33, and 34. These will be available on the site as of September 11, 2019.


            • CODE REFACTORING

              • We have taken some time in these sprints to clean up code to make the platform faster and more reliable.

            • ANALYTICS

              • Added “User Type” filter for graphs and tables.

              • Added analytics data to track RSS/Podcast downloads.

              • Changed “CSV” exports so that they include only data currently being displayed in the table (after filtering).

              • Added export function for User Location data.

            • RSS/PODCAST

              • Added Resource level metadata to improve support for RSS/Podcasts

              • Added new tab in the “Edit Collection” page for RSS/Podcast Feeds for better management.

              • Improved RSS/Podcast feed workflow,  creation form and mapping.

              • Changed how Resources are added to RSS/Podcast feeds to give users more flexibility.


              • Changed headers to display the filename as stored on disk and the display title for a file in Aviary.

              • Changed “Action” column to list only “View” and “Edit” buttons.

              • Added columns for “Aviary URL”,  “Aviary PURL”, “Media Embed URL”, “Player Embed HTML”, and “Resource Detail Embed HTML”.

            • SEARCH

              • Added ability to perform phrase searches in Advanced Search mode.

              • Added ability to search against “Collection Title” values for resources, instead of only offering those as Facet values.


              • Changed location and redesigned site notifications.

              • Added breadcrumbs to the “Add Resource” pages for easy navigation between sections.

              • Added breadcrumbs in Resource Detail pages to go back to previous pages in front-end and back-end.

            • NEW AVIARY PAGES

              • Added a new page that lists all existing sites in Aviary.

              • Improved Aviary Home Page design.

            • IMPORTS

              • Updated bulk import to support the newest version of OHMS XML, as well as continuing to support older OHMS XML versions.

              • Ability to provide URL for thumbnails in Aviary Bulk Import

              • Ability to provide file path within the zip package for thumbnails in Aviary Bulk Import

              • Ability to provide a value for “Target Domain” in Aviary Bulk Import when pointing to media content in Avalon.

            • Added ability to provide more than one BCC email for auto-approvals.

            • Added pencil icon (edit mode) for:

              • Media Filename in the Resource File section.

              • Display Title in resource detail page (present if permissions allow).

            • Help texts added/improved for:

              • Favicon optimum size

              • Checkbox in the Collection Access Request Approval section

              • CSS option in the Organization “Theme” submenu.

            • Improved auto-load for resources pages when scrolling all the way down to the footer.

            • Added “Failed” and “Timed Out” notification scenarios for Automated Metadata requests.

            • Improved “Add Team Member” functionality to add multiple users at once.

            • Improved display of transcripts from OHMS XML files.

            • Added support for .ico files for favicons.


            • SEARCH:

              • Fixed issue with search in Resource Detail page not allowing multiple search terms.

              • Fixed issue with search terms not being carried through from the main search to a Resource Detail page.

            • Fixed misalignment of metadata labels and values in the resource detail pages.

            • Fixed issue with words being cut at the character level in the resource details pages in responsive mode.

            • Fixed issues with Collection pages not showing all available resources.

            • Fixed issue with access request to transcripts not triggering any actions.

            • Fixed issues with Media tab showing error when no media files are available in the organization.

            • Fixed issue with banners not being displayed correctly when providing suggested image dimensions.

            • Fixed issue with Aviary duplicating media files when uploading using the drag and drop function.

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