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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 59. These are available on the site as of October 19, 2020. Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

New Features

              • Transcript annotations are searchable in Aviary.

                • All annotation text is now indexed in Solr.

                • During search, "Found In" notifications include Annotations.

                • Resource detail search also now includes Annotations.

                • On the resource detail page, the user can use the search navigation buttons to navigate to the hit.

                • The hit is sequenced in line with the annotation target.

                • The hit is highlighted within the annotation body.


              • We replaced our media player! The new library — video.js — offers significantly more functionality than our old media player library.

                • The player can now be popped-out if you need to move it to a different screen or different location.

                • When captions are present, the user can adjust size, color, background of captions dynamically using the “captions settings” options.

                • Aviary’s player now natively supports h.265 and 360 degree video. Previously we used an integration with JWPlayer to support these formats.

              • Bulk Import will provide lists of errors instead of a single “something went wrong” screen!

                • When previewing an import, users will see a list of errors on the preview screen, if any exist.

                • After an import, if there was a failure, there will be an “Errors” button available to the user that will give further information about what caused the failure. 

                • There is now an “Edit” button that a user can select in order to replace any of the CSV or ZIP files that caused the failure.

              • Organizations can add an “optional note” to Access Request acceptance emails that get sent to users when their requests are approved.

                • In the Access Request default email configuration for each Collection, there is a new variable: {{optional_note}}.

                • When an organization user is going to accept an access request, Aviary will check the collection access template to see if it includes the variable {{optional_note}} to decide if the optional note box should be presented to the organization user before sending the email.

                • If the organization user adds a note, then the note is added in the place of the {{optional_note}} variable in the acceptance email.

              • Improved Facet display.

                • Adjusted the number of values returned for a facet so that all available are returned. For all facets fields.

                • When labels are presented with facet terms, we moved them from the beginning to the end of the string and reduced the size of the label, e.g., Naron, Stephen  interviewer (3201).

              • Normalized all thumbnail images across the site so that small thumbnail images are presented in search result cards and collection cards.


              • Temporarily we have rolled back one of the features we introduced for our Trint integration.

                • If a Trint account has a workspace (or more than one workspaces), then we will not show the option to create a new folder in Trint when creating a transcription job from Aviary. There was a bug with the Trint API that they need to fix before we can reintroduce that particular feature.

              • Fixed a padding issue that made the Index locked text not align with Transcript locked text.

              • Fixed General Analytics Duration calculation so that it is accurate.

              • Updated the RSS/Podcast media URL so that no “underscore” characters are used in the hostname. This was done to increase compatibility with Podcast aggregators.

Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

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