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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 54. These are available on the site as of August 10, 2020. Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

New Features

            • For h.265 video files, Aviary now supports casting for AirPlay and Chromecast devices.

              • AirPlay is only supported on Safari browsers on iOS and macOS.

              • Chromecast is only supported on Chrome browsers on Android, macOS, and Windows (desktop).

            • Aviary’s Public API is finally here! We are building inch-by-inch, so only three endpoints are available currently. More are on the way.

            • All Aviary login and account creation forms are now backed by Google reCAPTCHA version 3, which is an algorithmic approach to detecting spam and bots on websites. If your behavior gets flagged as non-human, don’t worry, we give you a second chance to verify you are a human using Google reCAPTCHA version 2.


            • The resource detail search function is now enabled in full resource detail embed frames.

            • Organizations can now display separate images for collection cards and collection banner images in the front-end UI. Instead of using the collection banner image for the collection card, the organization user can provide a separate image that will be used in the collection card when displayed in the UI.

            • Continued aesthetic improvements throughout the site’s user interface. All tabs in the interface now feature Aviary’s new color palette.

            • Security enhancements for private media files. Aviary’s lease on the media file URL from storage is now only 2x the duration of the media file. Users may have to refresh the page, however, if the page is left open longer than the lease on the media file.

            • Public users can no longer right-click on the mediaelement.js media player to get a download option for media files they have access to (note: Organizations can still offer a download option to public users).


            • Continued aesthetic improvements throughout the site’s user interface.

            • Updated transcript pop-up so that it now includes a closed caption checkbox so that users do not lose close captions for a transcript when the transcript title is edited.

            • Fixed an issue that did not allow organization users to edit playlists that had zero entries in them.

            • Updated the Playlists tab so that it does not appear in the front-end UI if there are zero playlists present.

            • Fixed a Firefox (on Mac OS) playback issue where after going to full screen and hitting Esc, the audio would continue playing but video would not be visible.

Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

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