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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 52. These are available on the site as of July 14, 2020. Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

New Features

    • Aviary now supports Annotations of Transcript text.
      • An organization user can add one Annotation Set to any Transcript.
      • Once an Annotation Set is created, then the user can select any text in a Transcript point and can add an annotation to that text.
      • Annotations are plain text, plus they can contain Bold, Italics, Underlines, and/or Hyperlinks.
      • Annotation Sets can be made public or private.
      • Users can click on Annotation highlights to see the annotation display in our new Annotation panel.
      • Annotations are highlighted in gray if not engaged - and have a gray arrow in the sidebar to their left.
      • Annotations are highlighted in green if engaged - and have a green arrow in the sidebar to their left.
      • If an annotation set exists for a transcript, then the "Show Annotations" check box is available in the Transcript window.
      • If an annotation set exists for a transcript, then the "Show Annotations" checkbox is checked by default.
      • If a user checks the box, then the available Annotation Set and its Annotations become visible in the Transcript.
      • A user can uncheck the box at any time and the Annotation Set and its Annotations disappear.
    • When Auto Scroll is turned on or off, Annotations become green when their associated timecode is playing in the Media player.


    • We have refactored Resource Detail search performance to increase the speed that search results load, as well as to increase the speed that the entire page loads when search results are being displayed.
    • We have updated the bulk import label delimiter for all fields in the Resource.csv file to “;;” (double semicolon) instead of “;” (single semicolon).
      • A user should use ";;" to signify the end of labels during bulk import instead of the current ";". This will make it possible to use ";" within the text of fields. This has been applied to ALL fields including default and custom fields.


  • Fixed issue that made it difficult for a user to navigate through entries while editing a playlist.
  • Improved server request timeouts to make it less likely that errors occur while uploading large media files (e.g., over 2GB) to Aviary.
  • Fixed an issue related to exporting “most popular media files” analytics data. Under Resource Analytics - the export to CSV, for the Most Popular Media Files section, now exports the correct analytics for media files.
  • Improved the Resource display cards for the thumbnail view of resources in the Aviary Search page so that metadata does not overlap or clash.
  • Fixed an issue where the entire playlist description was displaying in Playlist cards on the Playlist landing page making the card stretch vertically in a displeasing way.

Complete change log can be found in the Aviary Knowledge Base.

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