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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 35 These will be available on the site as of September 25, 2019.


            • MANAGEMENT

              • Added Aviary Resource ID column to the resource management table.

              • Added ability to add multiple email domains to a permission group.

              • Added “Target Domain” column in the Media Management Tab to support Avalon integration.

              • Reorganized URL and embed links in the Media Management Tab.

              • Added ability to hide an organization from the main Aviary page.

            • RESOURCE SEARCH

              • Added ability to disable the Search Resource bar.

              • Added ability to customize help text for the Search Resource bar.

            • Improved security for IP address authentication.


            • Fixed issues found when moving a resource to a different collection.

            • Fixed issues to allow an organization’s collection to be viewed without specifying resources for the organization slider.

            • Fixed issue when requesting access to a restricted resource from the search results screen.

            • Fixed issue with spaces being removed from collections and resources titles when they were added to the home page slider.

            • Fixed issue with slider displaying a resource incorrectly when only one resource was selected.

            • Fixes problem with “View Requests” buttons not being visible in the Access Requests tab.

            • Fixed issue with permission groups not allowing to add multiple resources with the same title but different Aviary Resource ID.

            • Fixed issue with access request not working for private transcripts and indexes.

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