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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 30. These will be available on the site as of ***February 26, 2019.***

New Features

          • ADDED (Initial) SUPPORT FOR RSS FEEDS!

Now you can enable an RSS Feed for each of your collections. This is specifically useful for Podcasts and turns Aviary into a Podcast syndicator.



We have improved the design of Aviary Sites so that finding and browsing content in your organization is even easier. Some features include:

            • New menu options to easily navigate Organization options.

            • Customizable Organization and Collection headers that allow display of a static image or a slider of selected Resources. When viewed in a slider, clicking on the resources takes the user directly to the resource detail page.

            • Tabs for About, Collections, and Resources.

            • Ability to select which tab is open by default.

            • Load-on-scroll functionality to browse Resources in a collection more easily.

            • “Browse” links to allow quick access to filtered searches for Organization and Collection sets.

          • Ability to provide BCC email option for automated Access Request approvals.

          • Ability to disable Embed options for resources and player at the collection level.

          • Ability to Share a link with an associated time stamp for a media file to lead users directly to a moment in the media player.

          • CSS addition to better handle diacritics issues with customized designs.

          • Added backend sidebar icon to the top menu to allow easy access. Option now persists throughout the platform.

          • Added Region to the User Analytics map.


          • Fixed issue with “Source URI” field hyperlinks not being recognized as such.

          • Extended the character limit for the “Conditions Governing Access” field.

          • Fixed issue with restricted collections not being displayed on the organization’s page after granting access to the user.

          • Fixed issue with metadata being lost when changing a resource to another collection.

          • Fixed issue with search navigation in resource detail pages when clicking on arrows would scroll to the top.

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Your feedback is valuable to us! Feel free to submit your questions, concerns, or requests at any time.