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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 29. These are available on the site as of June 24, 2019.  

New Features

NOW AVIARY PROVIDES ANALYTICS! (initial beta release - still fine-tuning the data). Organization admins can now see statistics about site usage, including:

            • General Analytics:
              • Number of resource views
              • Number of transcript views
              • Number of index views
              • Number of media plays
              • Most popular search terms in Organization Page
              • Most popular search terms in Resource Pages.
            • User Analytics
              • User location by country and region
              • Number of user visits per time period
              • Resource Analytics

              • Most popular resources


            • Reordered the "Action" dropdown menu on Resource management page.
            • Improved Resources CSV download functionality:

              • Added consistency for Collection Names

              • Added URL and PURL column headers
              • Added media and resource embed codes
              • Improved download workflow: if items are selected, CSV contains selected items, if none are selected, only items visible in the table are exported.
            • Temporarily removed landscape view for resources on the detail page to focus on development for the horizontal view.
            • Custom integrations with ArchivesSpace:

              • Improved reporting

              • Added Google Drive support


            • Fixed issue with transcripts tab not loading on Internet Explorer 11 on Windows.
            • Fixed issues with player in Chrome 74.

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