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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 28. These will be available on the site as of June 1, 2019.

New Features


Users can download transcripts as WebVTT, JSON, or plain text (depending upon what is available for the particular transcript). Users can only download transcripts that they have permission to access.


            • Unpublished is now Private
            • Private is now Restricted
            • Public remains the same.
          • Added ability to provide an image for the footer to replace an Organization’s custom footer title.
          • Added sequential numbers for indexes created when uploading WebVTT files without segment titles in order to reduce WebVTT upload failures for users.
          • Added “Title” to the “Found In” section of the search results.
          • Added a default Collection thumbnail to be used when organizations do not set their own Collection image.
          • Added a custom class to allow easier implementation of custom CSS for organizations.
          • Added number of search results to the orange circular notifications for every section in the resource detail pages when searching for content.
          • Changed position of the search results in the resource detail pages.
          • Improved design and functionality of “Duration” facet.


          • Fixed issue with null term being created when performing a phrase search with quotes.

          • Fixed issue with unavailability of a resource detail page if no media was added.

          • Fixed issues with HTML values in ArchivesSpace Integrations.

          • Fixed issue with automated transcripts not being indexed for search.

          • Fixed Issue with Source Metadata URI field to be able to handle values with text and hyperlinks.

          • Fixed issue with “Add Link” popup in the resource metadata WYSIWYG.

          • Fixed issue with custom field creation sending user to the wrong page.

          • Fixed issue with semicolons causing Bulk Imports to fail.

          • Fixed error message when downloading Integration report.

          • Fixes issue with private media files not displaying correctly for Safari on Mac.

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