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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 24. These will be available on the site as of April 9, 2019.

New Features


Custom integration allows Aviary to grab media content directly from Preservica to automatically create resources. Contact us if you would like more details about this option!


                • ArchivesSpace Custom Integration support:

                  • Added ability to create new digital object records in ArchivesSpace from Aviary.

                  • Better management through stop, start, resync, and remove options for integrations.

                  • Ability to select target collection in Aviary for sync.

                  • Ability to provide specific archival object IDs to start a sync.

                • Resource detail page search now allows users to search for multiple terms simultaneously and navigate through them throughout the page, including phrase search.

                • Added ability to customize the search box color to match the organization’s theme.

                • Automated access approvals: administrators can now define a standard set of days for access.

                • Global IP restrictions: added ability to import and export CSV with IP list.

                • Audio thumbnail now persists in the player during playback.


                • Fixed issue with audio files being uploaded twice.

                • Fixed issue with permissions not being granted to access all private media files in a public resource when requested.

                • Mobile compatibility: added “Search” button for simple search in mobile version and fixed issue with content position in search.

                • Safari compatibility: fixed issue with search not being performed when pressing enter.

                • Account creation: fixed issues with password creation and account confirmation.

                • Addressed issue with accented characters in bulk imports.

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