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Dear User,

Here is a list of the latest changes we implemented in Aviary during Sprint 21. These will be available on the site as of February 26, 2019.

New Features

                • New service plan “pay-as-you-go” available.

                • Possibility to add global access restrictions for all resources at the collection level.


                • Added feature to customize look and feel of text in Collection and Organization pages.

                • Added feature to allow customization of look and feel of Collection metadata.

                • Enhanced security for organization back-end access and files stored in Wasabi.

                • Support for custom text for access request emails.

                • Ability to approve access requests automatically.

                • Ability to set a notice and “click-through” to allow access to a resource or collection.

                • Ability to assign status for each resource, media, transcript, and index during bulk import of OHMS XML files.

                • Ability to change media, index and transcript access status in bulk edit mode.

                • Maintain image size when extracting thumbnail from uploaded video.

                • Ability to set Collection to private or public with inherited permissions to resources, media, indexes, and transcripts.

                • Implemented display of original aspect ratio of thumbnails in Aviary media player.

                • Adjusted file size limits for uploads:

                  • Current .zip size limit for bulk imports is 50GB.

                  • Current single media file size limit is 15GB.


                • Add scroll bar to “access condition text box” in pop-up.

                • Added support for Chrome Version 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit)

                • Fixed thumbnail extraction from Vimeo, and thumbnail upload for audio files.

                • Fixed issues with Access Request text display.

                • Fixed issues with Bulk Import functionality for Windows users.

                • Fixed issue with Avalon embed code for audio content.

                • Fixed issue with results navigation on the Resource Detail page.

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